List Of The Biggest Casino In The World – Casinos That You Should Visit Once


Biggest Casino In The World

When it comes to Casino, there are two types. One the normal Casino that provides everything and then comes the giant Casino, that has everything so much that you would not finish exploring it in a day. These Casinos has acres of space and thousands of rooms for Slot Machines, Gambling, and also entertainment that suits your type. Yes, we are talking about the biggest casinos in the world that has 5 stars accommodation and all the entertainment that you think will be there. Not only 1, but there are several Big Casinos in the world. Hence, here we are with the list of top Biggest Casino in the World.

Winstar – The Biggest 

  • Area: 600,000 Sq ft
  • Country: USA

Winstar is one of the best Casino in  Oklahoma with 600K sq ft area that has everything you need for your entertainment. I believe if there is anyone who knows the entire area of this humongous Winstar. This Casino was found in 2003 and in 2013 was labelled as the biggest Casino in the world.

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Venetian Macao

  • Area: 546,000 Sq ft
  • Country: China

If you are every Visiting China, then Venetian Macao is the Casino you should visit. This casino is located near to Venetian in Macao. In this huge area, it covers more than 3000 Gaming Machines, has more than 800 gaming tables, and more than 3000 rooms for accommodation. This is one of those casinos that has a huge entertainment room.

City of Dreams Resorts Casino

  • Area: 420,000 Sq ft
  • Country: China

What if you get the feel of 80s China at the same time, you can enjoy all the epic entertainment as well as the latest rock trend. Yes, all this can be found in just one place, that is City of Dreams. In this huge space, you can find more than 1500 Gaming machines, 500+ table games, and more than 1500 rooms for accommodation.


  • Area: 340,000 sq ft
  • Country: USA

Foxwoods is the 2nd Largest Casino in the USA especially know for Slot Machines. This Casino covers an area of 340K Sq Ft are having more than 7000 Slot Machines that can occupy many people at once. Also, if you are a big-time Table Game fan, then there are more than 400 tables where you can try your luck. Also, The Hard Rock Cafe is what will make your stomach buy. Not only that but also, you have 800+ rooms to rest.

Ponte 16

  • Area: 270,000 Sq ft
  • Country: China

Ponte 16 is located at the Historic centre of China and also the 2nd largest Casino in China. Also, it has been designated as a UNESCO World Heritage site. This Casino has more than 400 Slot machines, 150+ Table games, and more than 420 rooms.

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